We were trying to figure out what to name is this blog. Victorious Remodel, The Remodeling Adventure, Courageous something…fix-up, redo, how about Courageous Endeavor!  Yes, that’s it!  We took a chance and hopefully, fingers crossed, it will all work out!


This is quite an undertaking. Probably our most aggressive remodel we have done thus far.  Most of the homes we have updated haven’t been in this shape.  But, what fun would it be to just do something we’ve done before?


This house at one time, was amazing.  We saw old pictures and when everything was landscaped and clean, it was really a nice property.  Now, well….the home has sat empty for 2 years.  Think what happens to a house with no maintenance for 2 years.  It gets quite run down.  This should be prove to be rewarding and surprising, I’m sure.

You know the house on the block that needs some TLC?  You know the one that you look at and say, that’s so sad?  This is that house.

Thanks for reading along as we go on this journey!

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