Of all the things we accomplished over this long weekend, one of the least stressful was the changing of all the locks.  17 in all.  17 doors.  That’s quite a few doors!

In addition to all of the doors, have really seen some progress with the inside and outside.

We pulled up carpet.  This is in the dining room.

dining roomPhotos of House June 260

We pulled all the carpet off the stairs.

IMG_2025 994

We removed the lovely green carpet from the study.  I’m not sure the green and mauve paint go together anymore…just sayin’.

studyPhotos of House June 268

Even Kelsey’s room is going to get a face lift.


Steve and I took off base molding.  Steve in action, getting things done.


Jeff demolished the Master Bath.  And I mean demolished.

Photos of House June 219Photos of House June 216100_3094100_3096Photos of House June 274

I took down every wood shutter…27 in all.  27!  And all the brackets.  I have come to the conclusion I have way more patience than I used to.  I have also found out that I wouldn’t be a great drapery or shade hanger.  Just not my think baby!

Photos of House June 286Photos of House June 392Photos of House June 290

Jeff took out drywall to see if there was any leaks in the wall that needed to be fixed.

Photos of House June 282Photos of House June 241

And Ishmeal, an extremely talented landscaper, worked on the yard and really accomplished a great deal in just 4 days.  We worked for about 3 weekends in a row to cut back as much as we could on the landscaping.  So, I’d like to think we helped him do such a great job.  I really thought I had ruined some of the bushes, but, thankfully I did not.  He made it look much better than I could have ever expected.  So, I guess that means I’m not a landscaper either.  I try, really try, but I don’t have the eye for it.  And when I have a trimmer, I get all Rambo like and want to take the tree down.  Bad tree.

So, I elluded to a water leak.  It’s confirmed.  There is quite a drip going on and we have to rip out the shower to where the leak is.  So, guess what!  We are fixing the master bath.  It will look great when it’s done…but not so much right now.  That means there is a fun trip to the tile store.  There’s a tile shop in Nashville that is so awesome.  I hope I can find something like that here.  Is there something wrong with you if you like tile shops?  Don’t answer that!

Today I prepped the moldings and washed them.  Looking forward to sanding them on Thursday.  That should be as mind numbing as the cleaning, but it has to be done before I can paint the old molding white.

I also had the crawlspace guy come out from “New Leaf”.  I thought that was a catchy name. Smell is funky down there so we are replacing the vapor barrier with hopes of covering up the ground and getting rid of the smell.  He said there was a lot of activity down there.  Hoping that the new vapor barrier stays nice and dry.


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