3rd old picture of house

I met with the Insulation guy yesterday.  7am no less.  I regretted that decision at 5:00 am wondering if I was going to wake up to the alarm.  Sure, I can meet you, what time, 7:00 am?  Sure, that’s no problem AT ALL!  So all morning before 5am I was awake, asking myself, “Did I set the alarm?” And “is it loud enough?”  Is this thing on?  So, the insulation representative came and he had worked on the house when it was being built.  He was taken aback when he saw the drywall out. We have to get him in before the drywall can be put up and painting can be finished.

We ordered the bathroom vanities today and bought some really cool tile.  We were looking for cabinets and on our way back, we drove by the airport.  We drove by this area that had remodeling store, granite, kitchen, everything we needed.  I think they were shocked how quickly we made a decision.  We had both looked on-line and figured out what we needed…we just needed to find it.

] 100_3096 100_3094

Jeff knocked out the shower wall a little more just in case.Andre’ (the plumber) needs to get in to another area.

Jeff discovered another area to the grounds that we hadn’t noticed before.  It’s a pretty sitting area that we hadn’t noticed or even mowed.  It’s quite pretty he says.

Kelsey and I painted her closet.  Lacewing (light green).


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