So, Kelsey and I were painting Steve’s closet.  I had turned his light on prior to working and it never came on..never flickered.  I continue to paint.  Brought in more light/flood light and saw where I missed. I only had a few more swipes to go and bam…the light just came on!  It’s a flourescent light, it just took a while to warm up for me.  Once it came on, I saw all the areas that had yellow peeking through.  RATS! Probably should change that bulb.


Kelsey’s closet is almost done (I missed a few spots…didn’t have that good additional light!).  I have visions of what this closet could be.


Well organized, everything put in to a bin (I like bins).  But, who lives like that?  So, I’m just happy to get it painted.

Steve’s closet is complete.

100_3111 100_3102 100_3099

Kelsey vacuumed all the wood molding that I’m going to paint white.  I scrubbed it, sanded it.  I gotta tell you, I made this thing to sand the molding and it was awesome.  Wasn’t sure, but, using a pool noodle and sand paper, and wall-la…a great way to get molding ready to painted white!


I know it doesn’t look like much, but, it really worked and got the job done!

Ok, I told Kelsey I needed photo’s of the closets and she grabbed the camera and started snapping away.  But, she walked in to the Family Room where Steve was working and said “Hey Steve, look like you’re working, I gotta takes some pictures now”.  So here are some photo’s of Steve looking like he’s working!

100_3108 100_3105

I think he would agree that taking up tack strips…well…sucks.  I can’t think of another word, really. Do you see how’s he’s balancing. That’s not amatuer stuff here ladies and gentleman, and he’s using both hands. Left for holding multiple sticks at one time, it’s amazing!  I think it’s all his drumming he’s doing at school.  You can’t see it, but, his forearms’ got game.

Jeff hauled 3 pick up beds full of yard debris.  Admittingly, we have this round area that we kept dumping prickly bush trimmings in, thinking, we were going to have one heck of a fire…but, with all the dry weather we’ve been having, they have banned all burning, so, he hauled off all those trimmings.  There may have been something nesting in there too he says.  Birds flew out of everywhere. He swung at one because it came out at him.  I’d say we have overly aggressive birds.   A few years ago, Jeff visited Wild Birds Etc.  He asked if they carried something that got rid of birds…they said, “that’s not what we do here”.   Oh.  My bad.   And there’s an entire store exclusively providing stuff to help there things survive? Got it!

But I digress…Jeff is on a first name basis with the lady at the dump.  Which, I cannot reveal her name for internet security reasons, but, he knows her and she asked him today how many times he planned on coming back.  After a few trips with all the branches and leaves in the bed of the truck, he is now known as “Lawn Debris Guy” at the dump.  You know when you have a nickname, you go there quite a bit. It’s probably not a nickname he likes though.  “Smart Guy”, “Tough Guy”, yes, not “Lawn Debris Guy”.

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