I finished painting the guest bedroom closet.  Fabulous!  The picture is from the guest bedroom.  Didn’t take a picture of the closet because well, I was just over it.   I got paint in my hair.. On my arms, shirt, head, glasses.   It was tight spot, so everything kept sticking to the paint.  Every time I moved, I’d hit a wall that I had already painted.  Not fun.  Next stop, master closet. There’s more room in there, so, I’m hoping that more of the paint will end up on the walls and not on me.

The painters started today.  We have open holes in the house waiting for insulation and drywall, so, they are starting in the dining room, then the study and then maybe the master bedroom.

Photos of House June 268 dining roomfront entrance house IMG_2012

They have equipment and they name them.  Billy is their sprayer.  They spray the molding and it’s looking pretty fantastic.  He showed me this stuff called “Krud Kutter.”  You just wipe it on the stained molding and in 10 minutes it’s ready to take paint!  He will keep busy, there’s plenty to do while we are waiting for the roofer.  Yes, I said roofer.  There’s a leak. Thought it was fixed, but, it rained today and whomp there it is…more water coming through.  But, at least the wall is already open so we can see the leak.

Ordered the hardwoods and trim molding.  Supposed to come in within the next 2 weeks. Hopefully the hardwoods will start being installed June 29ish.  I’m crossing my fingers for that date because, painting should be done and we won’t have to be in there at all.

Last, but, not least, the pool guy, Sam, came today to shock the pool.  He said he’d vacuum it later this week. You can see the bottom.  That’s a first in a long time.

old picture of pool

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