We worked all weekend.  Went to church today and the pastor talked about needing to take a rest.  We need rest he said.  I’d have to agree.  And to remember all the good things that God has done in our lives.  It was funny, I was talking to Kelsey about that before church.  But, I digress.

So Jeff rented the Power Washer on Friday night, so he’d be ready to go on Saturday.  Really smart because they are gone early on Saturday.  But, he got to it early by meeting the roofer about the leak…I mentioned the leak, right?  He says he can fix it.  I’d really like that.  Hopefully this week so we can put some insulation in (they are coming Thursday).  So we can close up those holes in the walls (drywall is waiting) and have the painters finish up painting before the hardwoods.

So Jeff worked real hard on the power washing and it looks magnificent. The pictures really don’t do it justice.  There was so much bird dodo everywhere.  All over.  He did come upon a Dove, and wouldn’t get rid of it.  She stood her ground he said.  I on the other hand, am not partial to Dove, because whenever I hear a Dove cooing, it means death to me…(something my mom said).  But, if you read what they are supposed to represent in Christianity is Love and all good things.  If I were there, I’d have gotten rid of the Dove (sorry Chris) but, maybe it’s good I wasn’t and she has a special place to raise her babies.

The painters have been working extra hard and it looks amazing.  They are in the Master Bedroom now.  After painting the trim, I think we are going to have them paint all of the white trim.  It looks amazing and I cannot come close to comparing to what they have done.  All that work, cleaning it, sanding it, wiping it down with something that smells really, bad, all for not.  But, it’s ok, the end result will  be that I have more time to spend someplace else.  There is PLENTY to do.

Kelsey has been doing a great job doing things that her hands can do.  She’s learning how to fix nail holes in walls, pulling out leftover nails from molding left in the walls.  She even painted today.  Very helpful.  And so has

Steve.  He’s been mowing and power washing.

Photos of House June 443 Photos of House June 260

They both bagged all those artificial greenery around the pool.  Looks cleaner. There’s landscape drips throughout the pool area so we could put real plant in there.  There’s plenty of other stuff to do, so I’ll just keep the artificial stuff in there for now.

We are all a little tired and with help can get this done.  I’m just saying, there’s a lot of praying going on.

2 thoughts on “Are we having fun yet?

  1. I am amazed at your progress!! Ya’ll are ROCKIN it!! And yes…be kind to the doves girl. Sign of the Holy Spirit falling on Jesus at baptism…just saying 😃


    1. The Doves are taunting me. They were outside our bathroom window when I was meeting with yet another General Contractor. There were 2 of them. So you are saying they are good luck. Boy, I hope so…


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