I couldn’t write for a couple of days because, of, well, sheer fear. There.  I said it.   Our septic alarm was sounding.  That’s not good.  No one wants a septic alarm to sound.  Jeff said to call a septic service and I did.  I tell them the alarm is on.  They immediately go out to the house to check things out (this is at about 7pm on Monday).


I’m at  a band concert listening to some great 6th, 7th and 8th grade bands.  Just a side note, please know that when a 7th and 8th grade jazz band plays “Stairway to Heaven” and “Freebird”…I think your supposed to feel old.  It’s mandatory.  I had immediate flashbacks to middle/high school dances where for me the shortest guy would ask me to dance and we’d dance to the longest song ever…”Stairway to Heaven” is 8 minutes y’all.  8 minutes! “Freebird” is 4 minutes…it seemed way longer back then.   It wasn’t comfortable… for me, for the guy, sure because he usually hit chest level…wait a minute…but, I digress.

Septic.  That is not a nice word.  If we were to think about positive or negative words….like “happy” is a positive word, “joy” is another happy word.  “Peace”…that’s a happy word.  “Septic”, not trying to be discriminatory or harsh, but, it’s a negative word.  So, we didn’t know where the septic field was and the septic guy thought that the septic field was crushed because of where the patio and retaining wall was placed. Speechless.  Jeff met with the Septic architect…yes, they have those!  He couldn’t remember where it was…but, was reassuring.  He doesn’t think it’s underneath the patio or the retaining wall.  And no, the septic field isn’t crushed.  The septic guy told us to try something and see if the alarm goes off.  I checked it at 4pm today…and it’s off.  Oh my goodness.  Cannot tell you how thankful I am for a little red light not to be on.  I’m hoping we are in the clear.

Miller Roofing fixed the roof leak.  I am so impressed by them being able to fix it so quickly and know exactly what to do.  But, I had two different people tell me to talk to them because they know what they are doing with tile roofs.  So, we can now finally suck out and blow in insulation.  Drywall the patches and get ‘er done.

Here’s some updates on what the painter’s have done.

IMG_2017100_3117 study100_3119front entrance house100_3116

dining roomPhotos of House June 443IMG_2018100_3120

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