The septic was not underneath the cement pad.  But, it was backed up.  Quite a bit.  I won’t elaborate, but, I just want to say that we haven’t been there, so, it wasn’t us…I’m just saying.

I visited the house today.  Punched the code into the gate. Nothing.  Tried again. Nothing.  Tried once again.  Nothing.  Whether I was awake or not (it was 6:30am); I couldn’t get the darn gate to open.  So, I hoofed it.  In heels.  And a dress.  But, now I know that I can walk to our house in 10 minutes from the gate.  If I ever have to again.  To add insult to injury, the painters used the code….and got in.  Just fine, they said…no problem, they said.


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