It’s been quite a few days.  We’ve cleaned the pool area…good bye spiders.  And, Sam the pool guy came Monday and tried to clean the pool, but, he only could get so far.  So he’s coming back on Friday to finish cleaning it.  He said we could swim in it, but, there’s something about being able to see my feet in a pool.  Oh, and being able to open my eyes underwater…that’s another thing that I take for granted….

Insulation is being sucked out and and put back in tomorrow.  Pretty excited, because that means that all those little holes in walls will now be filled in and covered over the drywall!


Received the hardwoods, so they are sitting in the house, happy and getting acclimated to there new environment.   And, he can start next week.  2 weeks prior to schedule.  Awesome.

Tom’s Painting Pro’s are finishing up what they can do, before the drywallers come and am really happy with how it’s turning out.  They are such hard workers.  The dark wood molding is really look fantastic with the white paint.  Just updates and lightens up everything.

Added some paver sand to the walkway and painted the guest bathroom today.

It’s coming together!

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