I’ve been asked that a couple of times.  I have a question, are you guys doing this without a General Contractor.  Just calling  people to show up and do the work.  You’re scheduling everything.  Yes.  Yes we are.  Except for the bathroom.  We hired a GC for that, and am I happy about that decision.  He’s gettin’ it done.

Kelsey's Pictures 147Kelsey's Pictures 146

Tile is ready to go in on Saturday.

River City Drywall is just about finished.  Mud and taped everything.  Sam said it’s ready to be textured tomorrow.  What a difference.  They did a fantastic job.

Kelsey's Pictures 162Kelsey's Pictures 160

Hardwood guys came early this week (supposed to be there Monday, they were able to come on Tuesday, Wednesday and worked Thursday.  They have the kitchen left to do, which will start on Monday.  I have to removed tack strips and lovely staples, but, will gladly do it this weekend.

Kelsey's Pictures 142

Finally, I started and finished Steve’s room.  I put a coat of Kilz on it on Saturday.  Painted Kelsey’s Room Sunday.  Started Steve’s room on Monday.  With the wrong paint.  Jeff and Steve walked in to the room and the gray we purchased, looked lavender.  Steve isn’t good with lavender.  So, I stopped at Sherwin Williams and looked for a cement color.  I didn’t see any cement wall color.  I grabbed a sample on Wednesday and put it on the wall Wednesday.  It has been approved, so,  painted it today.  It looks good.  But, after it drys, we’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.

Kelsey's Pictures 135Kelsey's Pictures 136Kelsey's Pictures 138

More to come…stay tuned!

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