Steve said that t his morning.  We were sitting in the kitchen, and he looked around and said  “The hardwoods guy is here”.  Yup.   “After the hardwoods, the trim goes in and then the carpet.”  “Carpet is scheduled.”  That’s pretty awesome.  That means we can start moving in after that.

The tile guys did a fantastic job on the bathroom.   And the bull nose that Rhett picked out was perfect.  Pretty happy with how it turned out.

Kel July 110Kel July 111

All the videos I took are upside down.  Seriously.  I was feeling good about the videos…nope.

The vanities were installed today.  The tile guys put the tile up the wall and it was requested that they leave an area to let the vanities be installed in to the drywall.  No go.  So, the vanities installer came early (about an hour early) and luckily I was only 10 minutes away.  We said a prayer in the car…just because I have been through quite a few installs and some go good, some don’t.  Feel very lucky.

Hardwood guy is just about finished putting in the hardwood.  Next comes sanding.  I’m outta there when the sanding starts and then the staining.  Same thing.  Just going to switch to doing stuff outside while they are finishing up.  No worries, there is plenty to do.

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