Its been a few weeks since I have written because we have been working constantly.  If it’s not involved painting something, moving something, we haven’t been doing it (other than work, work of course).

Drinking a cup of coffee on the couch I recycled (before and after)image image image

I’m realizing there is still much to be done.  Not only the moving in part, but, doors still need to be hinged, electric covers need to put back on, blinds still need to be adjusted, bathroom and laundry painted, outside needs some tlc still and the pool building, that I haven’t really paid attention to other than to clean it and spruce it up so we can swim.

Now that we are here, it will be a whole lot easier to get things done.  When the movers were just about ready to leave he said, you have a few things left to do.  I said yes we do, but, he said  she’s (meaning Kelsey) gonna like living here!

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