After a few weeks of running loads back and forth, we can finally say we are moved in.  We tried to plan it out so that it wasn’t too stressful.  Get the bedrooms set up so that we have a place to lay our heads.  And I think it worked.  After 7 moves as a family, I would hope we’d have it figured out. Stress-free moving, that’s what we are all about!  (Yeah, right!).

On to more fun things.  Some of the most impactful changes we’ve made in the past to update rooms is obviously paint and trim color, but, I think the changes we’ve made to fireplaces has to be top of the list.  I can’t wait to use the fireplaces.  Had them all checked and they work!

Now I love stone fireplaces; like the one we had finished in Franklin.

Franklin Living Room Fireplace

Or the one we had in Brentwood,

Childe Harold Circle Fireplace Childe Harold Circle Fireplace 2


There are two fireplaces is in the main house.  One in the kitchen area.  And one in the master bedroom.  The one in the kitchen/gathering place area (really don’t know what to call it) looked a little, well, let’s just say dated.  But, with some cleaning and little paint,  presto chango, a new look.

image image image

I’d like to change it someday, but, that’s for another day.  Not a pressing need at this point.  It works and until we figure out what we are going to do with the kitchen area, it stays!

The master bedroom fireplace has a tile fireplace.  We really liked the one we had finished in Franklin, love the stacked stone look and we had a wood mantle put in that looked like an old railroad tie.

Franklin Master Bedroom Fireplace

Or the one in Brentwood, which I don’t know if we ever used it once.

Childe Harold Bedroom Fireplace

As far as the current fireplace goes, we didn’t change it too much.   Just painted the molding, and the walls surrounding it.

IMG_2018 image

Just by changing the color of the molding and the walls, it freshens up the rooms.

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