I didn’t bust a mirror, but, pretty much ruined it.  I tried something fancy with the frame and Yuck!  It did not turn out well. Plus, the sprinkler hitting it every day for a week probably didn’t help it either.  I wonder who did that?  Hummm…I’ll give you one guess.


It started out green, so, it’s an improvement I think (if you don’t like green, patina frames, of course).  This mirror came out the guest bathroom.  For such a small space, it has taken me a long time to finish!

First I took the door off…all the contractors LOVED that because that was the only bathroom we had working for a while. Then, I painted it.  Have to admit, probably not the best paint job I’ve ever completed.  Where ceiling and walls meet is not my specialty.  But, I did my best trying to fix it and it looks better.  Plus, once things slow down, I’d like to put crown in there, so it will hide my mistakes.

Then, I took the door handles off so I could paint them oil rubbed bronze.  Kelsey didn’t know that you couldn’t open the door easily without the handle and locked herself in there.  I really didn’t know how I was going to get her out.  It’s a ranch, so she could have opened a window and got out the front.  I didn’t think of that right then.  It’s that mom instinct to get the child out!  She was in no danger at all.  As a matter of fact, she was completely fine with the whole thing.  Not bothered. But, not a good feeling when Steve called out and said “Mom, you’d better come here…..Kelsey can’t get out of the bathroom.”  That’s truly a sentence I never thought I would hear.  But nothing is surprising any more.

100_3171 100_3170

So, it’s finished.  Found a mirror. I put up some pictures and fixed the towel holder.

100_3175 100_3162100_3167

The guest bathroom is ready for guests.   And family members of course!

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