Roses are like life

We were busy trimming everything but not too busy to grab some absolutely beautiful flowers from the landscape. I can say that because I had nothing to do with planting them.  I try to hide it, but I do love flowers doesn’t matter what kind, they are all glorious.

Kelsey stopped Jeff during our working and said “You know, roses are like life.  The thorns are the tough times but life is really beautiful.” Yup.


Wall alrighty then!

it’s been a little slow getting pictures and display items up.  Want to plan everything out.  So, I’ve walked by the game room enough to feel comfortable with putting our Sid Dickens plaques up.  The other problem I had was finding them.  With plastic totes marked “Christmas” that has blankets in them, it took awhile.  Dont judge, move as many times as we have, you mark things…then remove the things fro the bin, out more things in the bin and forget to write on the bin.  It’s binfull really.  But, I digress….Finally found all our Sid Dickens plaques and now ready to hang them.


image image

These aren’t our Sid Dickens.  Here’s ours, I’m not sure which way to hang them.

image  image

Need one more to hang the second option.  Boogie likes that one, but, it doesn’t work with what we have.


I think it’s unanimous.  The last one!  I lay them out on the floor so I can get an idea how they’ll look on the wall.  Since they are pretty heavy for as small as they are, I use screws I the wall to keep them in place.