After all the remodeling and renovating we accomplished this spring, summer and fall,  I had to take break and do a few fun things.   I saw this idea for a pallet sign and thought “I could do that”.    So I did.  I asked a local company if I could grab one of their pallets.  They said “Why sure!” and I loaded it into the car.  Then it sat in the garage for a few days (maybe a few weeks, but who’s counting!)

imageAnyway, I pulled all the planks off and got rid of the nails.  Not too bad I think.  Then I started gluing the planks together and put some screws in them too hold it.  So far so good.  It held! I stained it and let it set.  Now for the fun part.


Painting the flower.  I pretty much free-painted it and finished it in a morning.



I added the saying with some cursive letters and there you go, a nice big picture for the bathroom!







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