We have renovated 4 kitchens over the past years.  Some have been small upgrades like adding pendant lights, new appliances and granite….

to an entire gut job, like we are doing now.  You think it would get easier.  But, each renovation has had its up and downs.  I tend to remember the mishaps, so, I’m definitely more cautious and concerned than I have been in the past.

We are in the middle of our current renovation and it’s going well.  The process getting here didn’t (changing cabinet companies to Kitchen Concepts and contractors to Ed Mettier Construction) but now that it’s started its great!

This is the first time we have ever had a need for a drawing.  Most the time we have been confined to the existing walls.  Not this time! When someone says, Not a load bearing wall, I’m thinking get rid of it!  So we are, well, I’m not, but, our contractor is.

The kitchen isn’t a blank slate.  This is what it looked like before we moved in.


We’ve made a couple changes like removing a soffit, changing out lights, removing carpet and adding hardwood to update it until we could have the full update started.

The plan is to remove the current kitchen and island.  We need to build the pantry out, remove the fireplace and last but not least removal of a wall.  Let the demolition begin.

Next the island and we won’t miss that!

And it’s gone..


Did I mention we won’t be keeping the refridgerator? I will miss it….said no one ever!

See ya oven and microwave!

Boom!  Just like that, she gone!


And what about that wall?  You know, the non-load bearing wall..One side had a closet that I was using as a pantry..

And the other side was in our living room.


No longer in need of your services wall…


I don’t think of it as losing a wall, more like gaining space.


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