We are a few weeks off from the kitchen renovation being complete and a few decisions still need to be made.  Depending on the tile we choose, it may have to be ordered.  So let’s get to it.

With paint sample in hand, Sherwin-Williams Alpaca, I head to the Contract Mart.


Of all the grays, why Alpaca?  We painted bedrooms in Requisite Gray and Alpaca is a light shade from that same family.  Plus it looks good with the cabinetry.  I asked the guy getting me the sample how do they come up with the names?  Do they sit in a room and say…hey that looks like an elephant or concrete or stone?  I suggest they have a garbage pail kid edition if they ever run of names…I really like that glooey gabe color, or virus iris..now that’s a color.

I only looked at 4 different boards of samples because we knew what we wanted.  A simple white subway tile with white cabinets.


Even choosing a simple tile like we still have many choices.

Bevel or no bevel:


Matte or glossy:


3×6, 4×8, 4×10:



White or gray grout:


Photos from Houzz

Last but not least, how to layout the pattern of tile:

Offset joint


Offset 1/3


Or straight set


Photos by tiletramp.

We have a few days before we need to order anything, so, it’s something to think about!


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