This is so exciting to see project taking shape.  This week the drywall started going up.  The walls have been void of drywall to put in new electrical and plumbing.  The pantry has also gotten built out and surprisingly isn’t as large as I thought it was going to be.



Looks like that drywall hanging is complete and just waiting for mud, tape and texture.



There’s a smell in the air and sounds of fans blowing!  That must mean it’s patching time!  And to think just a few weeks ago, there was a wall that divided.  And a lovely unpatched crack that we thought was repaired but wasn’t.

This is the pantry build out.  We never really had a pantry.  More like a closet…now this is a pantry!


Just a few more weeks now!  Moved the appliances delivery to November 22!




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