I’ve learned a lot this week about picking out tile.  What you think would be a pretty simple thing to do as part of the kitchen renovation really isn’t.  Armed with pictures from Pinterest or Houzz, we have made our choice.


I think the simple 3 X 6 tile with a gray grout will be simple yet striking…or we hope it will.  I guess once it’s up it will be too late, so, cross your fingers!

We are using a pot filler and will picture frame it in the backsplash.  Found this picture on Pinterest from http://www.goldenboysandme.com and it’s exactly what we are looking for.


The difference in our backsplash will be that we opted to the the pot filler in the center versus to either side.  That way, I can fill the pots on all burners instead of just two. We found our pot filler in Amazon (of course…where else!)


So, we need trim and bullnose and corner pieces as well.  My only choice in the Manhatten series is a beveled tile that has corner pieces.


With that in mind, I am now rethinking and picking another subway tile that is glossy, 3 x 6, non-beveled, that has a bull-nose and corner pieces and available in 2 weeks or less. Whew.

By gosh, I think we got it!

This looks more a kitchen backsplash versus what you would find in a bathroom.


We are using Ardex grout and caulk in Fresh Lily.  It looks greenish, but the sample, is more gray.


Can’t wait to see it after it’s complete!  Really excited about these choices!



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