It’s painting day! We decided to take this project on because it’s something we can do!

Trying to figure out paint colors has been fun!  I’ve left patches of paint blocks all over the house.  Who knew grays could be so difficult.

We always use Sherwin Williams and used Requisite Gray on bedrooms, thanks to Pottery Barn in Portland!  (They had a painted wall of that color so we could visual it).

I tried the lighter shade, called Alpaca…it painted on nice but had a purple tint to it. Back to the drawing board!

I heard that Joanna Gaines had Magnolia Paints from Miller Paint.  Once again, I grabbed the sample can and painted yet more swatches on other available walls and it was unanimous!  Wedding Band.


First, we painted the ceiling with A Sherwin Williams Ceiling White.  We used a foam roller with 3/8″ nap and wasn’t happy with the results.  So off to Miller Paints and I purchased new textured rollers.  Pretty spendy, but, worth it if the end result is free of streaks, etc.


We finished the ceiling first and then took on the walls.


We were able to finish up on 2 days.  Ceiling first day and then walls the 2nd.  I still have trim paint to touch up, bit, I’m so happy the bulk of the painting is done!


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