Now that the walls are painted, it’s time to weave those new wood floors in.  Lots of open space from underneath the cabinets and the old island.  Now usually we wouldn’t care about having wood underneath the cabinets, BUT, the appliances we purchased, well really just the oven, has legs so we have to have finished wood underneath.  Plus, the new pantry, needs a floor too!


Well, after day one, a whole lotta hardwood is gone.


After day 2, this weaving in was more difficult because it wasn’t straight!  For some reason, the planks weren’t angled correctly and it was much more difficult to keep them straight.  But somehow Vicente did it!  He’s a craftsman!


It’s hard to imagine that this will all be one color, but, it will and it will look great!

After day 3, everything is weaved and ready to be sanded, stained and finished.  We aren’t going to do that until the cabinets and appliances are all tucked in!

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