There is a break in the action.  The cabinets have been installed, except for one wall because they sent 2 right  cabinets.  (now you know where the title came from…what were you thinking it meant?).  So, for now an empty space exists where the cabinet will go.


I also ordered the wrong sink…right size, wrong sink, so, Ed fixed it so we can use the one we bought.  Just waiting for shorter doors and it will look so good!


Also, the cabinets in the island have top drawers.  Some will open and be used, but, the ones underneath, where the granite will extend, just won’t be usable.


So, new doors have been ordered and will be added when they get here.

The counter tops have been measured and now we are waiting for the counter top to be installed.  It’s about a week turn around.  Our question for the day though is where to put the seam.


Option 1 is straight across the entire island.  Option 2 is the pink line and to the side of the dishwasher.  Option 3 is just to the left of the sink.  Just not sure which one would be best!

We are using a dark color and if we go with option 1, it’s right underneath the pendant lights.  The light could shine differently on one side of the seam compared to the other.  Plus, that’s quite a long seam.  Seam 2 or 3 is by the sink and isn’t quite as long.

I just want to keep the line inconspicuous and can’t wait to see the finished piece.  So option 3 looks like the best option.

The countertop material we chose is an Antiqued Absolute Black granite.  It has a leather look finish and we just liked the look.


I’m hoping that the seam will be almost invisible, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



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