What’s a thrawl you ask, well, it’s stone slab or shelf used to keep food cool in a pantry, in the days before refrigeration.  So I guess it’s really not a stone slab, more like a brick wall.  But, still pretty thrilled with it.

Jeff saw a brick wall and wanted to incorporate that into the design.  So, what better place than in a pantry. It’s not real brick, mind you, but a wallpaper.  It looks quite convincing.

Jeff found it on Amazon.  It’s a Faux Rustic Wallpaper in Grey and White.


This is all he had to go on.  Oh, and the finished look.


So, he ordered it and so happy he did.  He ordered three rolls, just in case we made a mistake.


I remember the brick wallpaper from the 70’s like this…


And there was some the look “real” and paintable.  This wallpaper isn’t that at all.  It seemed ok on the price, around $40.00 per roll and quality seems great.  There are some rolls up to $160.00 and probably more, but, for one wall, in a pantry, hidden by pantry shelves, this was good enough.

It only took a few hours to put up.  After measuring the wall, cutting the sheets from the rolls, and filling the pan with adhesive, it went pretty quickly.

The level helped out a great deal and laying it out to see exactly where the repeat was on the bricks helped also.  I just had to make sure the debris on the floor was wiped off thoroughly before I added the adhesive.

The final piece was a little tricky because it needed to be trimmed before and after it was hung.  It went pretty smoothly.  I put a piece of trim at the base just to envision trim on brick.  The finished wall looks really good and a lot like real brick!  I’m so glad Jeff thought to do something different.


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