Thoroughout this entire process, I really thought, by the time the backsplash goes up, we’ll be just about wrapped up.  Put a bow on it and drive to the party.  But, it’s really not the case here.

Some of the cabinets were sent incorrectly and we are waiting for them to be installed so, the tile work can’t really be completed until then.  But, at least one side can be completed.

The set up is nice, we have a covered porch so that he can set up outside yet be close to the action.


We decided on a Florida Tile, Retro Classique Lily.


It is a great quality tile.  Doug, the tile professional said that the finish is really nice.  The weird thing about this tile, are the sides.  Some are uneven and when you go to out grout in, it will look uneven. I think they look great so far though.  I guess we’ll see when the grout goes up.


They layed out the frame for the potfiller and are working from that to put on the wall.


Slow and steady hands completed the project.




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