We have moved many different times.   We’re talking double digits here.  And no, not because I’m running from the law!  New jobs or new homes drive our wanderlust.

There’s nothing like moving day.  It’s so exciting.  Promises of new adventures; new cities to figure out and truly live in.  But, moving is stressful.  You think with all those moves one would get used to it.  But you can become good and packing boxes or organizing a move, but, there are always elements that are out of your control when it comes to moving.

We decided to have our appliances moved in and boy am I glad we did.  The movers we chose were awesome (Big Al’s Moving).  Probably the best movers I’ve ever worked with (we’ve moved ourselves quite a few times, so we are included in the mix).  They were careful, gave suggestions and were all round good people.

The appliances we chose are heavy duty.  The stove weighs in at a hefty 750 lbs!  750 lbs! They moved that weight.  I couldn’t watch.  But they placed it in it’s spot and it looks like it’s always been there…without the tags of course.

This one has a griddle for all those hot cakes we’ll be making!

The refrigerator is a monster too and once again, I had to leave the room.  Couldn’t watch them move it in to place.


They must have thought I was crazy running in and out of the room.  That’s where the stress comes in.  Since the floors were finished, they warned me about finishing them BEFORE the appliances because, you know, something could happen and it gets scratched.  Plus, I didn’t want anyone to get hurt lifting this stuff.  I know, I know, they do this for a living and they know how to lift, but, still, anything can happen.

The big appliances came as well as the smaller items; microwave, dishwasher and compactor.  The hole for the microwave just seemed WAAAY too small and I didn’t think it would fit.  REORDER!


I kept walking by it when the microwave thinking, there’s no way.  NO WAY.  But, yes way.

Looks so good.  And to think we weren’t even going to have a microwave!  The plan was to put it in the island.  We rethought it and realized we didn’t want to have to bend down to microwave something all time.  We’d like to stand, thank you very much, when we get our radiated food.

The dishwasher we purchased is Asko.  Now a 2011 commercial shows people bringing their dishes over to wash them in the Asko Dishwasher.  I hope to he#$ no one brings there dishes over to clean.  Hey, I’d do it, but, it would be weird and uncomfortable.  Plus, I have a hard time getting my dishes into the dishwasher to clean, so why would I want to clean someone elses….getting all their food particles mixed up with ours…yuck…but I digress.




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