I really never thought that a wall could be dressed, but, it’s a thing!  So far the walls have been textured and painted.  It’s now time for molding.  We really wanted meaty molding because the room is so big.  We were looking for something like this Image from “Little green notebook” for the base trim.


After a few conversations with Ed, our General Contractor, we came up with this.


The new molding replaced a smaller 5″ molding we first installed when we moved in.  We were just going to add to it but decided to replace it with the larger  7-1/4 inch molding.

The last time we had molding installed, we opted for no quarter round.  I’m happy we decided to add it, it gives it a much more finished look.


After it gets installed, I’ll have to apply another coat of paint on the base;  I only put one coat on and it needs at least two.





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