After we bought the cabinets, I knew we were going to have a cool looking hood.  I just didn’t know how it would look.  I knew once it was placed it would bring a finished look to everything.

So this is where we started from.

It’s a well used kitchen I’d say.  Love that it’s getting a makeover.  First things first, removal of cabinets and counter.

That’s quite a change in a little over 2 weeks!  Next, the tile comes off.

Tile is tough.  Not an easy task to remove a backsplash.  The tile was green and a mixture of other colors.  When we painted it the Divine White color (which isn’t really a white…more like a beige) it went ok with the backsplash, but not great.

Next in our makeover recipe we add new drywall and texture.

Stir in some paint and cabinets.

Add the tile and stove.

Now for the part you’ll really like!

Almost there.  Can’t wait to get the cardboard off the counter to get the entire effect!


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