We have a Pantry!

Well..almost.  But we are getting closer.

When we moved into the house, we noticed there really wasn’t a pantry.  Oh sure, we had closets that we used for the pantry, but, both were small and didn’t really work well.


So we decided we needed to carve out a space and remove the fireplace.  The fireplace didn’t work well anyway and the cost to improve it surely wasn’t an incentive to keep it.  Out goes the fireplace!


We also removed a closet that was in the Laundry Room to make the new pantry more spacious.  It was a catch all for stuff that should have been in the garage anyway.


Drywall, texture and paint next!  It’s getting there.

I added the brick wallpaper….that was fun!  And really not hard to put up at all.


Now comes shelves, trim caulking and repainting.


More patch, paint and more braces and trim….


Next, the wine racks!  We looked all over the place for cool wine racks.


Jeff found them on Etsy (Island Woods and Design).  They were made to order per our dimensions.  There are 16 hooks on each rack.  We bought three.  And wine to go in them!

Last, but, certainly not least, the door!  We wanted a barn door look without the barn door.  Jeff found the brackets at Krown Hardware in Portland.  I repainted the door and Jeff found the handle to match all our handles in the kitchen.