It’s gettin’ hot in herree….

The fireplace really has been blessing.   When it gets cold in the morning, it’s so nice to turn it on and let it warm the room.  Plus, the warm glow from a fireplace is so lovely.  I love having one in the Master Bedroom, but, it’s ugly.  I hate to call anything ugly; ugly is so ugly.  I remember when we lived in the South, mom’s would say to their children “now don’t be ugly” (meaning: quit acting so mean) …I think that’s where I decided I didn’t like the word ugly because I don’t like it when kids act ugly (or maybe when the mom’s called their kids ugly).   So, let’s use unsightly.  The problem is, every morning, we wake up and see the unsightly fireplace.  It doesn’t change…every morning, fireplace.  Every night, fireplace.  I tried looking at other places in the room, but, couldn’t help but look at the eye sore.  Which of course, was the fireplace.  Maybe at one time it wasn’t so plain, but, with age and being compared to other fireplaces, it needs a lift.

Tell me that doesn’t need alittle TLC (The Lovely Construct)


The tile was a tile that would be used in a shower or spa, not a fireplace.  The decision was made, FIX THAT FIREPLACE!  That’s a show waiting to happen…

So, I think I have looked at some many different tiles for this thing.  I saw a fireplace that had this tile:



It isn’t the same fireplace, but it looks like the one in our neighbors house.  I didn’t want them to think I had hearth envy.  Plus, I didn’t want to ask “can i pop a pic of your hearth”?  I’m sure there would be a look of confusion on that one…is that what they call it now addays…my hearth?…please leave, now!

So after looking at endless photo’s of fireplaces (If I just spent a little more time on Pinterest said no one ever).  We came up with something I really hadn’t thought of, but, looks so good with the bathroom.

I know what you are thinking. Too much?  Too dark?  Too late.  It’s done.  No turning back.  So, once the ring is on the finger, there’s no turning back…I mean, once the tiles cut, it’s a go.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We thought the tile would be hard to remove…and it wasn’t…I mean not for me cuz I didn’t do it.  I just took the pictures.

Anyway, it was a day project.  We decided not to remove the mantel because we just didn’t want to get into a bigger project repairing walls and adding new molding.  So we gambled.  We gambled on it still looking good.  And this time, it worked.

Here’s a side by side hearth action….

I know, I know, what a difference.  Why did we wait so long?  Cuz it costs money, that’s why!  But money well spent I’d say!