Yep. It’s true. We decided to sell.  It was probably the biggest renovation we have ever tackled.

From this…

To this…


Yes…same room, a little different huh?

Here some more changes I hope you really like!




This was was one of the first big updates we made…


And boy were we happy with it…


Ok, and how ‘bout this…


I’m not missing those pink walls at all!


This was a fun room to redo…


We removed the carpet, hoping the hardwood was underneath…guess what, it was…


This was a great room to redo because not a lot needed to be done but the changes we made, mage quite an impact..


We just changed the color of the walls, added new carpet and brought in the new project system.  Lots of sleepovers and movies have been watched in this room….I’m sure there’s popcorn underneath the sofa.


Its been quite an under taking!  But, it so awesome to see all the hard work pay off and now another family will get to enjoy it!

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