One of the most intriguing part about this property is the pool house.  It went from this…

To this when we bought it…

At times it seemed like there was something wrong or needed to be fixed daily.  I remember when we first started swimming the scaling on the pool was so rough that if you caught an edge it would cut your skin.  Many a time and swimmer needed bandaids and ointment after swimming.  I began to keep bandaids down there just  in case.

We ended up draining the pool and having it “sanded” down.  We had both the pool and spa heater replaced, that after having swimmers over in February realizing it was too cold to swim in!

We decided not to have the pool recoated based on advice from the pool guys.  If we had it done, it would end up looking exactly like it looks now and spending quite a bit of money for the same outcome.  So we filled it back up!

After we filled it, there were other issues like the auto-fill didn’t auto fill or a drain flap would close or the pump stopped working. Phew. I’m sure more went wrong during that time, but, it all got fixed.  And after painting the spa I now know why people get paid a lot of money to do it.  The prep is not fun and the paint fumes are horrendous.  I lost a few brain cells that week for sure!

We have quite a few good memories from this and have been able to share this space with family and friends and hopefully the new family will enjoy it as much as we did!


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