After taking a break and catching our breath, we began looking for a house. This time, we said, it would be move in ready. This time, we said, we weren’t going to do a “thing to this house”. Yeah, Right!

I’ve come to the conclusion, that we lie to ourselves ALL THE TIME. But, we really did want to walk into a house and have nothing to do…but, every house we looked at, we found something. From having to repair floors, painting, updating a bathroom, or finishing a room. Some houses just literally mad us angry. To ask the price they were asking AND still having to do updates. We just couldn’t do it.

There were 2 houses we visited that we wouldn’t have had to do anything to…AAANNDD, they had multiple offers on them, well above asking price. That was something we really didn’t want to get into. So, we regrouped and finally found a house. Our realtor had mentioned this property earlier, but, we were not interested at the price. I remember the conversation, not interested, too high, won’t get that asking price, etc. We thought it was overpriced and didn’t even want to look at it….And then, we looked at it.

We walk pretty much everyday, and this house sits on the path. It was our mid-place stopping point. It had a cement bench where I would sit (I knew the owners weren’t there) and we would started asking “What would you do here, or there, etc”. I thought we were speaking hypothetically. Little did we know.

After walking through it a few times, we decided we would purchase the home. Let the adventures begin!

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