Step it up

The stairway in the home is one of the first things you see when you walk into this home.

When we changed the stain on the floors, the stairs had to be updated. We knew we had to change them, but, how? The first step….I know, too much….anyway, the first thing we thought to do, is change the stain on the tread.

After looking through many pictures, we decided changing both the tread and the riser would really update the stairway.

This photo was what saw from Inspired by Seeing it helped make the decision. The stained we picked is the same stain in this photo and even though the railing style isn’t the same, the color is.

This stairway is from one of the homes we lived in a few years ago. Once again, the riser is painted white and tread is stained.

We decided to stain the treads dark and paint the riser and sides white.

Kip’s Hardwood stained the tread and then after a week of drying and curing, J3 came back and finished up by painting the risers and the sides.

Happy with the partially finished product. It’s “partially” because we are thinking about adding trim work, the wood railing needs to be stained to match and we may even change the railing. But, for now, this change was the update that it needed.

Wall to wall and then some….

When we walked through the house before we purchased it, we noticed right at the front door, there was 5 different types or colors of flooring. The living room had a light colored carpet and the stairs to the basement had green. The entrance, hall and bathroom had slate tile and the kitchen a white and black marble. Finally, the majority of the area had light oak wood floors.

In previous homes, we have had hardwood installed throughout. This home, we decided would look great with dark wood floors. The plan is to once again, weave in new wood, have them stained and include the steps going upstairs. The stairs to the basement will be a grey carpet from Home Depot.

We once again called Kip’s Hardwood to get the floors updated. The tile and carpet were the first things to go. With the tile out, the sub floor needed to be added to add height to meet the existing wood floors.

Then the weaving of new planks into the old began.

Once all the wood was installed, the sanding starts and picking of the stain!

We chose the stain on the right, Rosewood. It coordinated with the stain on the 2nd floor, without matching and was dark enough without being too dark.

So happy to have it all finished!