And, it begins again. We acquired our family home! And the renovating begins.

After deciding we wanted to update it, well, that’s when the measuring and design work began. It was built in 1922 and it’s a well maintained Bungalow. It has a wonderful backyard and have enjoyed it with family for years. Many, many wonderful memories have taken place in this home. So, we want to continue the family memories and can’t wait to see the finished home.

As always, we wanted it to go much quicker than it is, but, agreeing to the exterior and interior design, seeing if we could vault ceilings, and availability of work made it close to a 9 month process, before really anything was touched.

This is the bungalow with the old steps. It’s been renovated and the steps were added later.

Working with a designer has really been a great experience. She was able to create some great designs that really have gotten use excited to see it finished. Here’s a few ideas she came up with that we really love.

It’s doable. Don’t you think?

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