Loads of fun!

After we moved everything back into the kitchen and saw how good it looked, we decided the laundry room needed a facelift.  Nothing too extravagant, just a few updates.

This is what we started with..,


Cute right? The cabinets are really nice and decided not to change the counter top.  But, a few other things needed to be updated.

First,  we eliminated the intercom system.   The intercoms were everywhere.   There was an intercom in the master bathroom!  Thank you, but I’m sorry, I don’t need a intercom in my bathroom!  I know we are all about be “connected” but, that’s way too much connectedness.  I guess it could be useful like when you’re in need of paper products, kind of like placing an order at Wendy’s, “yes, I’d like a single with everything an a roll of tp”.  Anything an intercom could provide is not anything I need in a bathroom.  There were 5 intercoms alone in the laundry room so we disconnected them from the main system, pulled them out and had the wall patched.

Another step as one of the major updates, that didn’t cost a lot was painting the wood trim white and removing the dark blinds.  It closed the room off and didn’t bring in a lot of light.  So, off with the blinds and paint the trim.  I really think that made one of the biggest differences to open the room up and make it feel bigger.


Steve also painted the ceiling and I painted the walls.  Finally found the right “griege”…some grays were too purple and some too blue.  The paint color is a Sherwin Williams brand called Sedate Gray.  Sedate Gray, doesn’t that sound like a pill for anxiety?  Sedate Gray, take one and you won’t care what color your wall is!


We then added crown molding and it finishes a room.  We only added a 5” and didn’t stack them and kept them white to bring a crisp freshness to the room.


The linoleum looks really good in the picture.


But, looks can be deceiving.  It wasn’t cute, at all.  Pretty dingy and positioned next to bright wood floors, really made the dinge stand out.  I’ve been reading a ton about luxury vinyl tile and thought “what the heck, let’s do this!”  After researching for some time now, I found one that coordinated with the counter tops.  It’s Metrofloor Engage.


We choose Smokehouse because it coordinated with the granite in the kitchen.  Plus, I thought it would hide dirt because this is where we primarily enter the house.

After reviewing many, and  I mean MANY,  videos on how to install this, Steve and I decided to get it done.  Once you get the hang of it, it lays pretty easily.  You just have to make sure it’s connected correctly and snaps together securely.


Looking good!  At this point we both realized we could really finish this project and it’s not going to look awful!  There was some cutting of the tiles that was required around the cabinets but it wasn’t that difficult.  I’m just always cautious around things that could cut fingers off and really am proud we both have all  our fingers left after completing this project.  That will be the question to ask for doing other projects, could we cut off a finger?  Circle yes or no.  No…let’s try this ourselves.  Yes…. let someone else more experienced do it.


To finish, I found this rug from Amazon (Surprise!) and flexible laundry hampers in black from Walmart.


Last, but, not least, I found this cute mirror at Rusty Galore in Battle Ground.


This is great for checking yourself out before you leave for the day!